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Frequency Meters

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Microlab 3301A and 3303A coaxial frequency meters are broad-band devices covering all frequencies from 0.96 to 12.4 GHz. They combine the highest "Q" attainable with an expanded frequency scale that eliminates reading errors.


Detector Mounts

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Microlab XA series diode mounts are general-purpose video detector mounts designed to accommodate commonly available diodes (e.g. point contact, Schottky, etc.).


Tuners & Line Stretchers

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The Microlab line stretchers are constant impedance devices utilizing a unique inner design eliminating the step discontinuities associated with conventional line stretchers.


Waveguide Dummy Loads


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Microlab dummy loads are rugged high power units designed to satisfy minimum cost and weight objectives. Models are designed for bands from 1.12 to 40.0 GHz.