Terminations & Attenuators


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The Microlab coaxial attenuators for wireless applications cover DC to 3 GHz frequency range. Average powers range from 2W to a full 200 Watts average rating. Powers to 1 kW average and 10 kW peak covering DC to 3 GHz are available to special order.



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Microlab terminations are low and medium power coaxial loads, which operate from DC to up to 18 GHz. Higher powers have cooling fins help to minimize temperature rise of the resistive film terminating element, contained within a carefully matched coaxial housing.


Low PIM Attenuators & Terminations

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Our 698 – 2700 MHz low PIM attenuators and terminations are offered in convenient moisture sealed packages, similar to those used in conventional resistive attenuators and loads. A frequent application is terminating the load port of a hybrid combiner when adding two RF signals at a radio base station.